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  • Dear Parents:

    The bus drivers, technicians, and staff of the Giles County Pupil Transportation Department want to thank you for the opportunity to provide transportation for your child (children). Safety is job number one at the Pupil Transportation Department. One of the key elements in bus safety is the cooperation of every student in adhering the bus rules and the directions of the bus driver. When students distract the bus driver their actions jeopardizes the safety of all children on the school bus.

    To ensure the safety of our students and our drivers, students who violate school bus rules will be held accountable for their actions. If your child receives a disciplinary form, please communicate to your child that their actions jeopardizes their safety and/or the safety of the other children on the bus.

    If you have any concern(s) regarding the transportation of your child/children please communicate your concerns to the bus driver. Please remember, our safety protocol only permits students and authorized school employees to board a school bus. If you wish to talk to a bus driver please go to the driver’s window if traffic allows. If this is not possible, please go to the door but do not step onto the bus.

    If you have any complaints about your child’s/children’s driver please file a complaint with our office at 931-363-4598. The Transportation Supervisor will begin an investigation on the complaint within twenty-four hours of receipt.

    Please have your child/children arrive at the bus stop five minutes prior to the bus arrival when weather permits. This will eliminate accidents and will help keep the bus route running on time. If your child/children will be absent from school, please call Pupil Transportation so that we can notify the bus driver. One of the key elements of your child’s/children’s success in school is attendance.

    School buses are required to stop at all railroad tracks crossing to ensure the track is clear of any trains before crossing. If your child rides a bus that crosses railroad tracks, please discuss the importance of using their quiet voice so that the bus driver can listen for any oncoming trains.

    Thank you for the opportunity to transport your child and being an education partner.


    Theresa Busby,

    Transportation Supervisor


Rules for Students as Passengers on Buses

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  • 2. Rules for Exiting the Bus

  • 3. Rules for Riding the Bus

Violations and Consequences

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