Leatha Bates ~ English I

Leatha Bates

  •       While this is just my 14th year as a teacher at Giles County High School, I am a Bobcat in every possible way. I am proud to say that GCHS is my alma mater, having graduated from this school many years ago. I am also a graduate of The University of Mississippi, so I am also a huge Ole Miss fan, as well.

         I run a very structured classroom. I feel extremely responsible to provide each of my students the type of education that he or she deserves. We work every single day in class, but strive to have some fun a long the way. It is my job to make sure each of my English students is prepared to be in sophomore English when he or she leaves my classroom.

         As we know, there are other important aspects to GCHS. As previously mentioned, I love the Bobcats, whether it be softball, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, or the band...I enjoy and support them all. I would encourage all of my students to become involved in some type of the extra-curricular activities that we offer here, whether it be sports or clubs. Enjoy your time as a Giles County High School Bobcat. You will get out of it exactly what you put into it.