• STEM Club meets the second Monday of each month after school.  STEM Club is sponsored by Brooke Pelfrey.  Information is sent home in August to gauge interest.  Each month students hear from a guest speaker and participate in a STEM Activity.

    In September, students met with Dalton Pelfrey, AME Instructor at TCAT-Pulaski.  He taught students about simple robotics. Students began working on their robots and are excited to finish them next month.

    In October, students continued work on their robots.

    In November, Carmen Hayes, former 8th grade science teacher and current principal, presented to STEM Club.  After a brief lesson on how genetics work, students applied their new knowledge by creating a monster based on dominant and recessive genes.

    In December, students continued work on their robots.

    In January, students completed their robots with help from Dalton Pelfrey, AME Instructor at TCAT-Pulaski. He also presented on Mobile Robots following the work on their robots.   Students were engaged and interested in the information presented on Mobile Robots and asked pertinent questions related to the content.

    In February, Mr. Chris Phelps, 9-12 District Teacher Leader of the Year and GCHS 9-12 math teacher visited our classroom to talk about how to solve slope problems.Our kiddos were so engaged and excited to hear and learn about some higher level math. They also used M&Ms to help us understand fractions and provided a tasty treat following our meeting.

    In March, Ms. Kristie Chapman presented to our students.  Students learned what it takes to be manufacturing engineer, as well as many of the cool jobs that Ms. Chapman has held over the years that she has been an engineer.

STEM Club is an opportunity for students to hear guest speakers and complete STEM activities.