• 2023-2024 P.T.O. Officers
    President: Skyler Gillespie
    Vice President: Crystal Southerland
    Secretary: Henry Patterson
    Treasurer: Clint King
    Cub Run Chairperson: Mary Bryant Boyd
    Spring Fling Chairperson: Shelby Hargrove

            Pulaski Elementary PTO is a volunteer organization consisting of parents and guardians, teachers, and administration at Pulaski Elementary. Our P.T.O. sponsors several fundraising projects during the school year with the fall Cub Run being the main project. The funds collected are used to enhance our students' educational experience with the purchase of equipment, additional supplies and services for students, improving our school grounds, etc. Pulaski Elementary PTO mets every 3rd Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the PES Cafeteria. 

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