School Counseling

  • School Counselor: Theresa Gregory

    Mrs. Theresa Gregory has served for many years as the school counselor at BMS. The school has a guidance committee that meets twice a year to plan improvements for students, which include academics and behavior.

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  • Dear Families,

    Eight grade students and parents, all meetings set up with the school counselor have been cancelled. For those students who have not met with me prior to the closing of schools, I have entered your required courses in Synergy. For many, I also entered choices of electives based on your interest assessments and/or what you added to your four year plan in Major Clarity. If you have other choices you would like me to enter, please contact me at I will be happy to communicate with you via email.


    Theresa Gregory


    Parents of 8th grade students:

    Your child received a flyer from GCHS that listed the possible elective choices they could make. They also had a class with me where we began a four year plan in the platform "Major Clarity". Here they listed required classes and possible electives they were interested in. They have access to this through their school google account.The site is" I have entered all required classes but would prefer that they choose their electives. Please email me their choices. If I do not hear from you by April 1st I will enter choices for them based on the results of the interest assessment they took during their ELA classes. Please feel free to email me.

    Theresa Gregory

    School Counselor